Our Mission



We exist to lead people into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.
It doesn’t matter WHO you are. 
It doesn’t matter WHAT you’ve done
It doesn’t matter WHERE you’ve been...GOD LOVES YOU and you are welcome here!
     We love to worship and we live to worship. We are passionate in worshipping the Living GOD who alone can change lives, restore broken relationships, bring healing and hope to our dark world. Experience God's transforming power as we worship and exalt GOD together through prayer, thanksgiving and dynamic praise and worship.       
What is worship? 
     Worship is a lifestyle.  It is what we are made to do.  We worship through music, giving, loving, and serving.  Having a servant heart is what pleases God.  Jesus can set you free, heal you from your past, from pain, from your sicknesses!  He moves when there is a spirit of worship.